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Enclosed Flare

An enclosed flare is a combustion device designed to handle high VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) streams. Gas flaring at oil and gas production sites protects against the dangers of over-pressuring industrial plant equipment.

Compared to using a traditional flare, using an enclosed flare gives you the following benefits:
No visible flame/emissionsHigh-efficiency combustion with a high destruction efficiencyNo radiation outside the unitMeasurable results on VOC destruction HiTemp Technology LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of waste to energy and high-temperature fume incinerators. Since 1982, HiTemp has been manufacturing custom, high-temperature catalysts, fume incinerators and oxidizer systems featuring enclosed flares, rotary kilns and moving-earth scrubber systems to control methane gas emissions for eco-friendly industrial applications.

Their client list includes well-known companies and government entities as Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Norton, Fuji Electric, Weeta…

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